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TTS Group In the News

Kelvin Foo (Director) of TTS Group recently had the opportunity to be interviewed by The Straits Times (ST) to give our professional opinion on the traffic aspects of revitalising Orchard Road. The article was first published on the Home Page of the 22 December 2012 edition. Click here to read the online article.

In our interview with ST, our stand on reducing the congestion levels along Orchard Road and surrounding roads is to reduce the number vehicles coming into Orchard Road area, as opposed to build more roads or expressways to feed into the area.

On substantiating our stand, we proposed a “carrot and stick” approach to reduce the number of cars driving into Orchard area. We also mentioned several measures with respect to the public transport upgrades, in conjunction to the “stick” measures, as mentioned in the article.

We sincerely thank ST for this opportunity to express our professional opinion on this aspect and hope we will have the same opportunity in the future.

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