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TTS Group Live on Air!

Kelvin Foo (Regional Director) and Tan You Jin (Consulting Manager) of TTS Group were invited by Singapore local radio station Capital FM 95.8 for a live discussion about our firm, the traffic engineering and transport planning work that we do and our corporate philosophy of being a regional industry leader since our founding in 2010.

Mr Ong Teck Chon, a famous media personality and a multi-award winner in the media industry in Singapore, was looking for interesting and enriching topics to share with his audience. He came across our firm and stated “TTS Group has a very strong knowledge of industry trends and the traffic situation in Singapore. We were delighted to have Kelvin and You Jin in our studio for a live interview where we shared many topics and subjects with our audience.” said Teck Chon.

We were able to showcase some of the latest technology we use as professional transport consultants including our Aimsun traffic simulation modelling software, used to simulate traffic conditions in real-time, and our unique Video Survey Units (VSUs), which we deploy for a range of automated traffic survey requirements. “I didn’t know such technology and specialised capabilities existed in Singapore! It is really an interesting eye opener and something very technical that just about everybody could relate to” said Teck Chon.

Kelvin said “This was certainly a unique and exciting opportunity for us both, and I must admit we were both a little nervous to start with as neither of us had ever been on TV or radio before and we didn’t know what to expect.” The interview was on 12 February 2014 and broadcast live over a full hour. Kelvin said “It was a really interesting experience and we are glad that we have shared some professional views and technical insights with the general public and we hope to see Teck Chon and his team at FM 958 soon!”.


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