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TTS Group Shares Traffic Knowledge with Yangon

TTS Group is greatly privileged and honoured to be invited to Yangon to present at “Workshop programme on knowledge sharing of Traffic Engineering and Urban Transport Planning” on 10 July 2016 at Park Royal Hotel Yangon. The event, which was attended by 200 professionals, was jointly organised by Myanmar Engineering Society and Myanmar AGTI Society, and was proudly sponsored by our local partner Sun United Company Limited.

Indeed, this is a great opportunity for TTS Group to show case our all-round capabilities in traffic and transport planning and how we can help the city to investigate further into their current issues related to traffic and transport.

This is also a good platform for the Hanoi Office and Singapore Office to join forces to present at this workshop. You Jin and Vinh Pham who are Managers of TTS Group’s offices in Singapore and Hanoi respectively, are also involved in the presentation together with Kelvin.

Without a doubt, the event is also able to provide a platform to exchange useful opinions and technical pointers on the traffic situation in Yangon with local practitioners.

The workshop also saw the Guest of Honour (GOH), Madam May May Twe from YCDC, and Mr U Uang M the Chairman of Myanmar Engineering Society (MES) giving their welcome speeches before the presentation officially started.

Mr Soe Thein, Director of Sun United Company Limited, started off the presentation on the various types of traffic improvements which could be feasible for Yangon.

This is then followed by Kelvin who kicked off the presentation for TTS Group with introducing the company and discussed the transport and traffic issues facing the regional countries. He then went on to present a strategic vision of what Yangon City could adopt to tackle its traffic situation, and how capacity building is important to the city itself.

You jin presented the traffic solutions tools which would help to achieve the vision set for Yangon and introduced the potential software which could help in the assessment of junctions and subsequently improve them. He also presented case studies from around the world and explain the connection of improving congestion in these cities to Yangon.

Last but not least, Vinh presented the various methods to collect traffic data and compared the pros and cons of each method. He then went on to explain TTS approach in data collection which encourages verification and reliability of the traffic data collected.

In closing the presentation, all the speakers were once again invited back on stage to answer questions from the floor. The consensus from the audience is that the traffic condition has to be tackled urgently and that TTS Group, together with our local partner, Sun United Company Limited, can all move upward and forward as a valuable asset to Yangon city, in overcoming the traffic congestion issues together.


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