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Our Story

TTS Group is a private employee owned company which has grown to become a leader in the traffic and transport consulting industry. We provide a highly specialised and diverse range of professional services tailored to the development and infrastructure sectors, covering all elements of traffic engineering, traffic management, transport planning, road safety data collection and market research since 2010.

As a ‘Solutions’ driven business, we operate with a common objective of tailoring individual project needs to surpass client expectations with a distinct level of quality and service superior to others.

TTS Means:
Total Traffic 


TTS Group leads the industry as a "one stop shop" specialising in traffic engineering, transport planning, data collection and market research where we provide an integrated range of consulting services.

We have offices in Singapore and Vietnam plus representative offices in Australia and Myanmar which allows us to service the entire SE Asian and Pacific region.


For over 10 years we have developed invaluable relationships coupled with local expertise covering all aspects of traffic, transportation, data collection and market research tailored to the development and transport infrastructure sectors.

Our History

TTS Group was first established in Singapore at the beginning of 2010. We grew rapidly during the initial years of operation where we secured various high-profile traffic and transport related projects throughout Singapore, India and Malaysia.

Through the development of our unique traffic survey and data collection technology and processes we then went on to open our second Singapore office as a highly sophisticated survey laboratory and data collection facility. Our Singapore offices service the entire SE Asian region providing our full range of traffic engineering, planning and data collection services.

We then expanded into the Australian market with the opening of our Brisbane and Gold Coast offices in 2013. Our expansion into the Australian market has enabled us to provide a more integrated range of services to our clients via a network of international resources. We are currently involved in a range of major infrastructure projects throughout southeast Queensland. 

In 2014 we opened our office in Hanoi Vietnam securing a number of high profile projects including the Bus Rapid Transit system in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh. Our team in Vietnam has grown significantly over the years and has led the local industry working on major infrastructure projects such as the Hai Phong Expressway. Our shift in technology coupled with our traffic engineering expertise has also placed us at the forefront of data collection and traffic survey activities throughout Vietnam.

During 2015 we then went on to open a representative office in Myanmar, an emerging country in SE Asia which has undergone significant policy and infrastructure changes in recent years. Our presence in Myanmar as the international transport experts has contributed to the ongoing development of the city structure.  We have carried out many significant projects in Myanmar including transport master-planning of Mindhama Town, known as the second CBD of Yangon Downtown, and the Yangon Elevated Expressway - the first of a kind for Myanmar. 

Our future goals see us continuing to contribute to nation building throughout Australia and SE Asia with our growing team of professional staff and highly regarded expert capabilities in the traffic and transport sectors. 

Black and White Traffic

TTS Group has been providing a full range of professional services to both public and private sector clients throughout the South East Asia and Pacific regions spanning the following sectors:

  • Road and Transport Authorities

  • Local Councils

  • Airport Operators and Civil Aviation Authorities

  • Public Utility Agencies

  • Property Developers

  • Road and Infrastructure Construction Companies

  • Architects, Town Planners and Project Managers

  • Multidisciplinary and Specialist Consultants.

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