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Data Collection

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Data accuracy matters

Accurate data is fundamental to any transport project, whether it is a plan in concept, an upgrade design or an operational assessment.


TTS Group has the unique advantage of applying advanced equipment and technology into various transport data collection and traffic survey requirements. Our comprehensive data collection and traffic survey experience, combined with the traffic engineering foundations of the Group provides an unrivalled professional product for our clients.

leaders in equipment technology

Traffic Surveys

  • Junction turning movement surveys

  • Link counts

  • Pedestrian movements

  • Travel time surveys

  • Origin-destination surveys

  • Vehicle classification surveys

  • Vehicle occupancy surveys

Public Transport Surveys

  • Passenger demand surveys

  • Arrival and departure time surveys

  • Boarding and alighting surveys

  • Passenger crowding surveys

  • Passenger satisfaction surveys

Interview Surveys

  • Origin-destination interviews

  • Roadside interviews

  • Car parking interviews

  • Travel behaviour questionnaires

Parking Surveys

  • Parking demand surveys

  • Parking duration and turnover surveys

  • Parking overspill surveys

  • Passenger drop-off/pick-up surveys

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