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Traffic Engineering

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We Live & Breath Traffic

There's no mistake that traffic engineering is the core function of TTS Group, which is underlined by the expertise of our staff.


We provide professional consulting services which cover the planning, design, operation and analysis of various traffic and transport systems.


Our practical solutions and recommendations are based on many years of solid professional international experience.

Traffic Impact Assessments

  • Traffic impact analysis

  • Vehicle swept path simulation

  • Car park and site access design

  • Site access and traffic circulation 

  • Parking design, management and operations

  • Pedestrian access and mobility assessments

Traffic Management

  • Traffic guidance and control plans

  • Construction traffic management plans

  • Incident management plans

  • Local area traffic management plans

  • Special events traffic planning and management

Road Safety

  • Project safety reviews

  • Formal road safety audits

  • Road safety evaluations

  • Crash investigations

Traffic Modelling

  • Junction capacity modelling

  • Interchange modelling

  • Traffic simulation modelling

  • Pedestrian simulation modelling

Traffic Design

  • Road and junction designs

  • Traffic systems and signal designs

  • Car park and site access design

  • Pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure designs

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we work closely with architects, planners and engineers to develop the best


Traffic modelling and simulation guiding our recommendations

Traffic modelling at the speed of life

We are distribution agents for the world’s leading traffic simulation software. We provide integrated services throughout SE Asia covering:

  • Software sales and maintenance

  • Technical support

  • Software training

  • Consulting services

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