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Transport Analytics


Transport Analytics Live & Video Analytics

Technology advancement is an important component of our business development. Being part of Singapore’s ITS, also allows us to delve deep into the industry. 

As transport planners, we know what information is essential and crucial for your traffic analysis and turn these analytics into powerful data for you!

The Mode

  • Object Detection model

  • Customisation of classification

  • Report Generation

  • Integration with information dashboards

Video Insights (Cloud Processing

  • Traffic Volume Intensity

  • Vehicle Speed Analysis

  • Traffic events & violations

  • Queue & occupancy analysis

  • Vehicle Gap Analysis

  • Saturation Flow

  • License Plate Recognition

Live Traffic

  • Real Time Traffic Analytics

  • Automated Incident Detection

  • Traffic Violation Detection

  • Live Data Alerts And Integration

Incident Detectio

  • Illegal Turns, U-turns

  • Wrong Lane Driving

  • Speeding violation

  • Stopped vehicle detection

  • Illegal Parking

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