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TTS Group Bringing Smiles To The Orphans In Hanoi AGAIN!

TTS Group revisited the Social Sponsor Centre III, Branch 3: Centre for Orphans and Malnourished Children on 24th September 2017.

One year after our first visit, TTS Group were glad to come back and knew that so much has been changed in the Centre for Orphans and Malnourished Children in Hanoi. We presented the Centre with some diapers, milk powder and chips for the children. We were warmly welcomed by Ms Phuong, the vice director of the Centre, who shared with us what had happened for the past one year.

Initially, they had 28 kids and the majority of them have turned 6 years old and were being transferred to another centre which will be further assisting them during their school age. We were glad to hear that 3 kids are being adopted and taken care of in their respective families. Unfortunately, it was sad to receive the news that there are two kids who suffered from mental difficulties and could not be transferred elsewhere. Also, it was heartbroken to know that there are 3 new orphans who are just new-born where one of them was found when his umbilical cord was still attached. We are really thankful to the Centre kindness and we have sent our sincerest thanks to the people working in this centre, especially people who have to overcome their own several physical difficulties to take care of the unfortunate kids and let them feel love and warmth in such a big family.

The kids here are being put into different rooms classified by their age group. Majority of the kids in the orphanage centre are less than 2 years old and some of them were too tiny that they were kept in a special room where we could only see them through the customised protective glass. The kids do not speak much, but their eyes say it all. Interacting and playing with them, looking at their curious eyes and innocent smiles, we became more aware of how we can uphold and support our corporate values through all these small actions by offering our little efforts and contributing our part to the well-being of this world.

To read about our visit to the Centre for Orphans and Malnourished Children in 2016, please click the following link:

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