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TTS Group Delivers Speech in SME Summit 2017

TTS Group is once again proud to be invited to present in the 6th SME Summit held in the One Farrer Hotel & Spa on 6th July 2017.

The SME Biz-Innovation Summit has been long praised as a great platform for hundreds of CEOs and senior management executives to exchange pointers and gain valuable answers to their current and future problems. Themed “Globalisation of SMEs: Resilience, Innovation & Exploration”, the 6th SME Biz-Innovation Summit explores the issues faced by Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in times of ongoing global economic challenges, disruptions and new trends of globalization, as well as solutions for them to embrace innovation and globalisation to remain relevant and competitive. In light of a new world economic order and the 4th industrial revolution, this year summit encourages SMEs to exhibit the spirit of grit, resilience and adaptability and take the leap to reinvent themselves.

Kelvin Foo, our Director, SE Asia, was invited to share his experience in not only running an SME successfully through hard times but also expanding it internationally. Entitled “Break that mindset, gain a foothold”, Kelvin’s speech addressed several challenges when doing business overseas, from difficulties in communication and cultural differences, to foreign laws and political risks, then international company structure and accounting. He took TTS Group as an example of how a company can survive and thrive in the era of innovation and globalisation, using some key tactics:

  • Develop and apply advanced technology wherever and whenever possible

  • Structure in a way to attain expertise, potential and capacity to go global

  • Put staff on priority – focus on developing strengths

  • The branding strategy is based on corporate values

In spite of maturing economy, increasing costs of operation and tough global competition, Kelvin’s presentation stated that there are many golden opportunities for growth and expansion in the region. However, it is crucial to have a break in mindsets and innovative approaches to capitalize on those opportunities, and Kelvin encouraged the C-level executives who are running SMEs themselves to stop waiting for the best moment, step up right now and conquer new frontiers.


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