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Marko Lecturing in Gospić, Croatia!

Marko Mrsic, Managing Director and Chairman of TTS Group, was honoured to be invited to the Nikola Tesla Polytechnic University in his Father’s hometown of Gospić, Croatia this week, where he presented an international perspective of traffic and transportation engineering.

Presenting to all 3rd and 4th year engineering and technical students, and some prominent public figures, Marko gave an in-depth overview of traffic and transport engineering from roads and highways to airports, sea freight, pedestrians and rail transport with an international flavour.

Marko also provided a case scenario on best practices for urban traffic control measures and showcased a few recent projects we have done in SE Asia which opened up a lot of interest and discussion amongst the group.

It was a great opportunity and honour for Marko and TTS Group to share knowledge and experience with this amazing academic institution in Croatia. We extend our sincere thanks to the faculty Dean Dr Vlatka Ružić and Professor Mile Vičić for facilitating our involvement.

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