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TTS Group Fights COVID-19 As One

The COVID-19 outbreak recently has hurt the world economy largely and badly, the forecast GDP growth rate for 2020 is negative and naturally unemployment rate goes up drastically, both in VN and SG.

And this situation is still on-going. Our Managing Director, Mr Kelvin Foo, has activated the Business Continuity Plan (BCP) on 1st April 2020 and 7th April 2020 for our Hanoi and Singapore office respectively. Particularly for the Singapore office, Singapore PM Lee Hsien Loong has announced an extension of the Circuit Breaker to fight Covid-19 and the Singapore office will need to extend the Business Continuity Plan until end of 1st June 2020.

Some of the staffs had chosen to go back to their hometown. Nevertheless, TTS Group is still operating well by working from home. All staffs had already prepared their individual roles as soon as the BCP was activated and proactively report their work progress to their managers and Team Leaders daily.

With the strict measures that the government has implemented for all countries, it is important to be resilient against the unknowns this virus might bring. On the brighter note, staffs not only get to spend more time with their loved ones, but this is an interesting experience for TTS.

This period allows us to review the work productivity and find out new ways to improvise the norms.

Meanwhile, it may seem tacky to hold meetings through video calls, technology has been one of the most reliable devices that the staffs can depend on during this period. Both VN and SG office has started their meetings on Zoom so that everyone can stay connected and update each other on what they are up to.

SG office’s weekly meetings was held by our Director, SE Asia, Mr Tan You Jin. They also had a “Lunch on Air” as one of their monthly gathering activities where they ate lunch and chit chat on Zoom. They also had some furry friends on board!

While Singapore and Hanoi are in the midst of lock down, the admin team from Singapore and Hanoi arranged to buy surprise gifts for all TTS staffs and got it delivered to each of their homes. The key idea was to cheer up all TTS staff and show our care during this pandemic period. For both offices, every staff received either cakes or biscuits coupled with a greeting card.

Let’s see what they have got!

Vietnam staffs receive a surprise gift with a note card. Cute! Photos: Do Thi Phuong.

SG office staffs receive cute cakes with a sweet note saying “It’s a challenging period. Let’s fight on”. Let’s see their reactions!

Our Senior Transport Planner, Leonard Goh, has been on a lockdown since late March 2020 as he is residing in Malacca. Our SG admin managed to find a popular bakery in Malacca to accommodate to our request. Look at those chocolates!

Let’s hope that this pandemic will all end as soon as possible and we can all go back to work as per normal! In the mean time, let’s fight on! #wearetts

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