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Celebrating 10 years of business

We are pleased to announce our 10 year anniversary!

From our humble beginnings in 2010 we started off with no staff, no projects and a small serviced office to help get us started.

Within no time we grew fast, and over the last 10 years we have truly grown into a multinational business with a strong geographic presence in the SE Asian and Pacific regions. We now employ over 100 staff in offices situated in Singapore Vietnam and Australia, as well as our representative office in Myanmar.

We don’t want to brag [of course], but statistics show over 20% of businesses fail in the 1st year, followed by 50% within 5 years and a further 70% by 10 years. Put simply, roughly a third of all new businesses fail within their first few years, and a mere 30% are fortunate enough to make it to 10 years.

Well here we are, as a 30% we survived, we’ve grown and we’ve become highly regarded in our industry and extremely successful at our business.

Marko Mrsic, Founding Director and Chairman of TTS Group says “Our success [collectively] is based purely on the business model we chose coupled with our amazing staff, their commitments and contributions to the business. Like many businesses we have seen some rocky roads but it truly is our staff that have stuck by us 110% all of the way. Without our staff their dedication and willingness to grow with the business we would certainly not be in the position we are today – and that is celebrating 10 years of success collectively!”.

TTS Group had an ambition to grow fast from day one, and with that came determination from within the firm and our business strategy which set ourselves apart from others in the local and regional market.

Managing Director, Kelvin Foo, said “the first few years of business was certainly the hardest, winning work, developing relationships and trust in a professional industry and constrained market was one of our biggest challenges. With our ongoing success we aim to continue providing holistic transport planning and engineering expertise in parallel with our growth objectives throughout SE Asia.”

TTS Group’s success has seen us expand from Singapore with new offices in Australia Vietnam and Myanmar over the years. We have truly become an international firm full of culture diversity and a wide range of expertise.

Kelvin added “we truly had an amazing time establishing our Vietnam office in 2014 off the back of some awesome projects we were able to get involved in, and that became the catalyst of business growth and further expansion and service provision to the market throughout Vietnam”.

Our management team has set a clear objective of the group moving forward - our future goals see us continuing to contribute to nation building throughout SE Asia with our growing team of professional staff and highly regarded capabilities and expertise in the traffic and transport sectors.

In closing, and on behalf of the entire team at TTS Group, we take this opportunity to thank all of our valued clients and associated for your ongoing support. Our business is growing, we continue to provide valuable services to the industry and we look forward to celebrating our 20th anniversary next! #wearetts

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