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A Walk Down TTS Group’s Memory Lane – Entering Vietnam

The story of TTS Group is a testament to the company’s relentless drive, ambition, and commitment. Established in 2010 in Singapore, TTS Group has grown, evolved, and today stands tall as a key player in the traffic and transport industry. But more than its achievements in Singapore and Brisbane, it is a particular chapter in the TTS Group story that stands out - our expansion into Vietnam.

Humble Beginnings: The Seed of an Idea

Every great journey starts with a single step, and ours was no different. In the bustling corridors of Singapore's business districts, TTS Group was born out of a singular vision: to be a leader in traffic and transport solutions. The initial days were marked by challenges typical of a startup – limited resources, immense competition, and the constant drive to stand out. But what set us apart was our unwavering commitment to quality and a foresight into the future of transport. As we built our foundation in Singapore, laying brick by brick, client by client, project by project, we always knew that our journey would take us beyond our home shores.

Photo: Kelvin’s Apartment & Old Vietnam Office at Lilama Building Level 5

From Singapore to Hanoi: A Journey of Commitment

When we look back at our roots, our foray into Vietnam emerges as a pivotal chapter in our growth story. This move was not just a business decision; it was driven by a potent blend of opportunity and a deep commitment to play a role in the region's ongoing projects. Our collaboration with the Hanoi Urban Transport Development Project Management Unit is a shining example of this commitment. Here, we were not just participants; we were thought leaders, offering valuable expertise in urban transport policies, and reshaping public transport systems.

Vietnam, with its bustling cities and rapid urban development, was on the cusp of a transport revolution. The country, realizing the need for advanced transport planning, sought intricate engineering methods combined with the latest technologies. And with the market's astounding growth, TTS Group saw more than just an opportunity; we saw a responsibility.

A Coincidental Encounter

In the centre of our operations in Vietnam stands Kelvin Foo, our Managing Director, spearheading initiatives in Hanoi. Kelvin Foo collaborated on the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) project alongside a UK national and thought it was a good opportunity opening for TTS Group's presence in Vietnam.

Kelvin Foo leveraged distinctive mix of international knowledge and local insight, served as the keystone in connecting TTS Group's goals with Vietnam's ambitions.

Building a Legacy

With a repertoire of services that span planning, engineering, data collection and equipment, TTS Group brought to Vietnam the kind of expertise it had honed in markets like Singapore and Brisbane.

Our involvement in Project Safety Reviews (PSRs) showcases our unwavering commitment to ensuring that all our transportation projects adhere to the highest safety standards. We believe that a project is not successful unless it prioritizes the well-being of its users.

Central to our approach is the development of comprehensive Traffic Control Plans (TCPs). These plans, tailored for each unique project environment, lay out the strategies for efficient traffic management and ensure minimal disruptions during construction or implementation phases.

Our services do not stop at planning. We deeply value empirical data, understanding its transformative power. Traffic data collection, analysis, and interpretation are paramount to our strategies. With precise data at our fingertips, we are able to make informed decisions that optimize flow, reduce congestion, and enhance user experience.

Furthermore, Traffic Impact Assessments (TIAs) remains a cornerstone of our services. The TIA process helps us predict the potential effects of a transportation project on surrounding infrastructure and communities, ensuring that we make decisions that account for both present and future needs.

Safety extends beyond just project implementation. Post-launch, we regularly conduct Road Safety Reviews and Project Safety Reviews. These audits evaluate the operational performance and safety of our projects, leading to tweaks, improvements, and adaptations where necessary.

Lastly, to keep our fingers on the pulse of the ever-evolving transportation landscape, we delve deep into Transport Market Research and Traffic Market Research. By understanding market trends, user preferences, and emerging challenges, TTS Group remains ahead of the curve, constantly innovating to meet the demands of tomorrow. Our overall goal in Vietnam is not just to contribute but to elevate her transport infrastructure, pushing the boundaries of what was possible.

Pioneering Projects: Transforming Vietnam's Transportation Landscape

Over the years, TTS Group's footprint in Vietnam has grown, marked by projects that not only showcase our technical expertise but also our commitment to improving the nation's transportation systems.

Hanoi Bus Rapid Transit (BRT): One of our prominent contributions was towards the Hanoi Bus Rapid Transit system. Our team was intricately involved in traffic impact assessments and transport route planning, ensuring that this new transit system would integrate seamlessly into Hanoi's existing infrastructure while meeting the future demands of its rapidly growing population.

Vietnam North-South Expressway: Further reinforcing our presence in Vietnam, we were entrusted with the traffic demand forecast for the NT-PT and NS-BV sections of the landmark Vietnam North-South Expressway. Our insights and forecasts have been instrumental in guiding the development phases of this ambitious infrastructural project.

These projects, among many others, stand testament to TTS Group's dedication to elevating transport infrastructure across the region. By leveraging our deep expertise and the trust placed in us by local stakeholders, we continue to shape the future of transport in Vietnam and beyond.

Today, as we reminisce about our journey, our heart swells with pride. Pride in what we have achieved and the legacy we are building. In the heart of Vietnam, we see not just roads and transport systems, but a future shaped by excellence, commitment, and a vision that bridges past achievements with future aspirations.

And as the wheels of time keep turning, our journey with Vietnam continues, crafting a story that future generations of transport enthusiasts and planners will look back on with pride.

Present Day TTS Group Vietnam 2023


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