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TTS Group Visit to ITS Hikvision

ITS Singapore recently organised a captivating industry visit and welcomed TTS Group on Friday, August 18th, 2023. We are truly thrilled to have had Nazir and Shu Hui, our Senior Transport Planners, along with Malcolm, our Manager of Data Collection representing TTS Group at this eye-opening industry visit.

This spotlight was on Hikvision Singapore, a prominent player in the world of security solutions. TTS Group representatives joined in on the experience and had the fantastic opportunity to dive deep into the world of Hikvision and gain invaluable insights into their cutting-edge products and services.

They were treated to an insightful overview of Hikvision's impressive journey, learning about the latest trends that are shaping the security industry. Moreover, our members had the chance to explore how these trends seamlessly intertwine with Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) applications.

TTS Group mentioned how eye-opening it was to discover the diverse range of services Hikvision offers beyond their renowned CCTV solutions.

During the meetup, TTS Group seized the moment to express their valuable insights and concerns regarding our camera requirements. Their proactive engagement didn't go unnoticed, as they discussed sourcing cameras tailored to our specific needs.

All in all, the industry visit to Hikvision Singapore was a grand success, leaving TTS Group empowered with newfound knowledge and a deeper appreciation for the world of security and ITS.

Stay tuned for more exciting opportunities to connect, learn, and grow with ITS Singapore!

Well Done!


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