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Reflecting on the Dynamic Sessions at ITS World Congress, Suzhou.

On October 16th 2023, Kelvin Foo, Managing Director and You Jin, Director SE Asia had the incredible opportunity to delve into two thought-provoking sessions at the ITS World Congress in Suzhou.

In one of the early sessions, aptly titled "Imagine the Future," our team engaged with visionaries shaping the landscape of intelligent mobility and future cities. The stage was graced by luminaries in the ITS industry and their insights delved into ground-breaking advancements set to revolutionise transportation and offered a glimpse into the exciting future of smart cities.

Another session explored "Active Modes and ITS," focusing on the seamless integration of biking, walking and scooters with intelligent transport systems. The discussions which were led by esteemed speakers, emphasised the transformative potential of blending active mobility modes with intelligent transport systems. The goal is clear – reduce carbon emissions, enhance road safety and effectively manage congestion.

These sessions were not just about information; they were catalysts for inspiration. Our team is energised by the profound discussions at the ITS World Congress and are eager to weave these insights into our ongoing initiatives for a smarter and more connected future. And because of this enthusiasm, the leaders from TTS Group are seen asking numerous productive questions to enhance the discussion levels.

Well done TTS Group!


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