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Sharing Knowledge with HDB, Again!

Once again, TTS Group recently had the privilege of holding a two-day training course on Traffic Impact Assessments (TIAs) for Singapore’s Housing and Development Board (HDB). This is the second year in a row we have delivered the same course to HDB staff in Singapore.

This year’s course was attended by 20 HDB staff from various departments of HDB’s Building Infrastructure Group comprised of their Planning, Engineering and Research departments.

The training course covered all necessary elements and requirements of preparing TIAs in Singapore, which also included a number of hands-on exercises, software training and practical real-life examples.

Other than key topics that were covered in the first year (please click here to read), TTS Group also took the opportunity to update the class on the latest happenings in the transport planning and engineering industry as well as sharing some of our latest industry involvements and project examples.

The course was again delivered by Marc Mrsic (Managing Director) and Kelvin Foo (Director) of TTS Group. Both Marc and Kelvin have over 30 years of combined experience in traffic engineering and transport planning, and were both able to share invaluable knowledge with HDB in all aspects of traffic impact assessment processes. Both Marc and Kelvin were able to share international best practice, industry trends and local knowledge with the aim of building the technical capacity of HDB’s every growing portfolio of new public housing developments throughout Singapore.

TTS Group has previously been involved in delivering a number of training courses, seminars and workshops aimed at sharing professional knowledge with various industry sectors through our formation of the Transport Industry Forum of Singapore (TIFS). Through these courses and technical seminars we believe HDB has benefited technically to the extent of having confidence in understanding the TIA processes.

For more information on TIFS or the various professional development courses offered by TTS Group please contact Kelvin Foo directly via

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