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TTS Group Joins SPD Walk & Run 2023

On 2nd of September 2023, TTS Group Singapore office laced up their running shoes and joined the SPD Walk & Run, a heart-warming charity event!

We cannot express our gratitude enough

to our amazing colleagues who dedicated their precious Saturday to be part of this noble cause. This 5km charity run was not just about covering distance - it was also about covering hearts with love and support.

We were touched to see our team members bringing along their kids, partners and spouses, turning this event into a wonderful family affair. It was a sight to behold as everyone came decked out in their running gear, ready to make a difference.

In the true spirit of TTS Group's commitment to community, we brought along some towels as small tokens of appreciation for our disabled participants. Their determination and spirit inspired us all!

As we crossed the finish line, exhaustion was evide

nt on everyone's faces, but it was a different kind of tiredness—a sense of fulfilment and satisfaction that comes from knowing we've contributed to a greater cause.

Here is our committment to more charity events in our future! We feel amazongly proud of TTS Group family for coming together to support our community.

Let's keep spreading love, kindness, and making positive impacts to the places we are in!

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