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TTS Group New Office in Singapore

On March 29, 2023, TTS Group celebrated the grand opening of its new office with a festive event. All our TTS Group colleagues showed up in full force to support the company's growth and expansion, making the occasion a joyous and memorable one.

The event was blessed with the presence of an award-winning Lion Dance Troupe, which added a vibrant and lively touch to the celebration. The performance was a highlight of the day, as it symbolized good luck and prosperity for TTS Group's future endeavours.

After the lion dance, our colleagues and guests were treated to a delicious lunch spread, and to the surprise of many, some of the colleague's wives joined in the festivities as well. This made the occasion feel like a true family affair, and it was heart-warming to see the team's loved ones supporting the company's long term goals and vision.

In addition to the food and entertainment, there were games and activities for everyone to enjoy. This added an element of fun and excitement to the event, and the guests were thrilled to participate.

Overall, the grand opening of TTS Group's new office was a resounding success. The event was well-organized and executed, and everyone had an amazing time. It was evident that a lot of thought and effort had been put into planning the event, and it paid off in the form of a joyful and memorable occasion.

TTS Group's grand opening was a great way to start this new chapter, and we wish the company all the best in its future endeavours.

Huat Ah!


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