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Celebrating our VN Office's1st Birthday at Ba Be National Park!!

All 19 staff from our Hanoi office are going camping this weekend at Ba Be National Park to celebrate our 1st Birthday for the Vietnam office.

We are doing a big clean up day collecting all the rubish at the beautiful waterfalls. We also got new rubush bins and "Do Not Litter" signs made to put in the park areas to help keep the place beautiful and litter free.

Its going to be a fun weekend for everyone with lots of community activities planned.

Day 1.

We had a long and entertaining afternoon driving all the way from Hanoi to Ba Be National Park in the bus and then took boats to reach our final destination at the homestay lodge.

DAY 2, Part 1:

We had an early start today up at these beautiful waterfalls. We placed 2 bins and some signs, and cleaned up the whole place so it looks even more beautiful now! Everyone had a refreshing swim to cool down and even the local TV reporters came out to film our efforts.

DAY 2, Part 2:

This afternoon we managed to clean up 5 of the main tourist areas around Ba Be Lake and provided all new rubish bins and signs. What an amazing effort by the whole team who all worked so hard.

DAY 2, Part 3:

Our last night under the stars with a big campfire, plenty of singing and funny stories.

DAY 3, The End:

Our final day was long and emotional. After leaving Ba Bể National Park we made a special visit to Ly Tran Tinh and his family up in Bắc Kạn Province. Tinh’s family home was completely destroyed by fire back in May and we have been helping them rebuild their lives over the last few months with various charity activities and donations.

With help from us and the rest of the local community they have since built a makeshift timber house, stocked up on basic food supplies and started farming their land again. It was great to see such forward progress (and what appeared to be some smiles), which was the best reward for the help we have been providing.

Then, after stopping in to say hello to teacher Mrs Thu, who we’ve also previously assisted at Co Linh School, we then drove 5 hours south back to Hanoi all safe and sound, and extremely exhausted.

A big thank you to all our staff who participated and worked so hard over the last few days.

Stay tuned for the next big adventure by TTS Group!

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