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Denso Corporation Visits TTS Group Singapore

TTS Group is thrilled to share that Denso Corporation graced our TTS Group Singapore office with their presence on March 13, 2024! This visit marks a significant milestone following our memorable engagement at the Suzhou ITSWC in October 2023.

It was all about showcasing Denso's latest technology and products tailored to supercharge our internal systems and controls. One standout feature? Their QR code technology!

It is a game-changer for our operations, especially for our traffic mounters! With Denso's QR code tech, inventory checks and operations will be smoother than ever. Imagine seamlessly scanning QR codes when deploying or collecting cameras – efficiency at its finest!

We were honored to host the following distinguished guests from Denso Corporation:

- Willie Goh, Executive General Manager - The visionary driving business development.

 -Xin Xu, Ph.D., Manager - Bringing expertise and innovation to the forefront.

- Atsuya Tanaka - A key member of the Social Innovation Business Development function unit.

Let us join hands in expressing our gratitude to our Denso friends for their invaluable insights and collaborative spirit.


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