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River Valley High School Visits TTS Group (Vietnam Office)

TTS Group was pleased to host teachers and students of River Valley High School (RVHS) from Singapore at our Vietnam office on Thursday 23rd May 2024.

We had an enthusiastic presentation introducing the formation and development process of TTS Group. It also covers part of the company operations and other business development to the students.

The students listened with attentiveness and enthusiasm, wanting to know more about how TTS group managed to set up an overseas office within 4 years after its incorporation.

After the Q&A session, TTS gave RVHS an office tour, showcasing some of the operational aspects of the business. A games session was conducted during the tour, and prizes were given out at the end of it.

Through this exchange, the excitement and enthusiasm of everyone at RVHS further reinforced our continuous efforts of all members of TTS Group in providing them a Learning Journey to remember.

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