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Road Safety Review: A Methodical Approach to Safer Roads

Road safety is a growing global concern. With the surge in the number of vehicles traversing our roads, it is more crucial than ever to adopt a methodical approach to road safety. One such effective approach involves road safety reviews. In this comprehensive article, we will discuss what road safety reviews, also known as project safety reviews (PSRs), entail, their importance, and how they can help us craft safer roads for all.

Understanding Road Safety Reviews

A road safety review, often known as a Road Safety Audit (RSA), is a rigorous, systematic examination of the existing road network. This multi-faceted evaluation aims to ensure that roads are not only designed to the highest possible safety standards but are also operating safely in real-world conditions.

The foundation of a road safety review lies in the comprehensive assessment of existing road conditions, traffic patterns, and infrastructure design. But it is more than a mere examination – it is about gaining a holistic understanding of the various factors at play on our roads. The process aims to identify potential hazards, suggest feasible solutions, and subsequently, enhance overall road safety.

Project safety reviews assess numerous crucial aspects of road safety, each with its own nuances and complexities:

Road Geometry: The physical layout and dimensions of roads have a significant influence on their safety. PSRs examine elements like road curvature, gradient, width, and sight distance, all of which can impact a driver's ability to navigate the road safely.

Signage: Properly positioned and clearly visible road signs are critical for providing drivers with essential information about road conditions and regulations. Reviews ensure that signs are appropriate, visible, and intelligible to all road users.

Pavement Markings: Like signage, pavement markings provide crucial guidance to drivers. Their clarity, visibility, and condition are evaluated during a PSR to ensure they effectively communicate important information such as lane boundaries and turning lanes.

Intersection Design: Intersections are common sites of road accidents due to the convergence of multiple traffic flows. The review assesses intersection layout, traffic control devices, pedestrian facilities, and visibility to ensure optimal safety and efficiency.

Behaviour of Road Users: An important, often overlooked aspect of road safety is the behaviour of the users themselves. Reviews consider human factors such as driver behaviour, reaction times, and decision-making processes, as well as the interaction between drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists.

Environmental Factors: Elements like lighting, weather conditions, and surrounding landscape can affect visibility and driver behaviour. Therefore, these aspects are also considered during a road safety review.

By examining these diverse elements, PSRs provide a comprehensive overview of potential risk factors and offer evidence-based recommendations to address identified issues. The outcome is a safer, more user-friendly road environment for all, testament to the invaluable role of road safety reviews in ensuring public safety.

Why a Methodical Approach is Vital

In carrying out road safety reviews, the importance of a systematic, methodical approach cannot be overstated. This ensures accurate and reliable results. TTS Group, with its unrivalled expertise in traffic engineering and road safety, adopts a structured methodology that comprises the following key steps:

Data Collection: Any road safety review begins with the collection of relevant data, a step that forms the foundation of the entire process. This involves scrutinizing historical accident records, reviewing traffic flow characteristics, and examining the condition of existing road infrastructure. TTS Group utilizes state-of-the-art data collection techniques and tools to amass comprehensive and reliable data.

Crash Analysis: This step entails a thorough analysis of crash data to identify patterns, trends, and high-risk areas. Examining factors such as the type of crashes, their frequency, and severity can yield insights that inform targeted safety measures.

Site Visits and Audits: Experts from TTS Group conduct on-site visits and audits to inspect the physical road environment. This involves assessing road conditions, signage visibility, pavement markings, and intersection layouts, enabling potential hazards to be identified and appropriate improvements suggested.

Road Safety Countermeasures: Based on findings from data and crash analysis, and site visits, TTS Group proposes a comprehensive set of road safety countermeasures. These are tailored solutions designed to address specific issues identified during the review.

Advantages of Road Safety Reviews

Road safety reviews by TTS Group offer a plethora of benefits for communities and road users. Here are the key advantages:

Accident Reduction: By identifying high-risk areas and implementing targeted safety measures, road safety reviews contribute to a substantial reduction in accidents.

Improved Infrastructure: Reviews shed light on where the existing road infrastructure can be improved, offering recommendations from minor adjustments like additional signage, to significant changes like redesigning intersections for better traffic flow and pedestrian safety.

Enhanced User Experience: Safer roads create a better user experience for all. The sense of security fostered by improved road conditions, increased visibility, and reduced risks encourages more active transportation, contributing to a more sustainable and liveable community.

Cost Savings: The economic impact of road safety reviews is considerable. By preventing accidents and reducing injuries, communities save on healthcare costs, vehicle repairs, and emergency response expenses.

TTS Group: Trailblazers in Road Safety Reviews

As pioneers in traffic engineering and road safety solutions, TTS Group has carved a niche as a leader in conducting rigorous project safety reviews. Founded in 2010, TTS Group has grown into a 'one-stop-shop' for traffic engineering, transport planning, data collection, and market research, with an unparalleled commitment to client satisfaction. Their operations span across the globe with offices in Singapore, Vietnam, Australia, and Myanmar, enhancing their capability to offer a network of integrated services.

The company’s methodology is precise, relying on the latest technologies and a data-driven approach to deliver reliable results. With a successful track record, including high-profile projects in rapidly developing regions such as Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh, and Myanmar, TTS Group consistently demonstrates its expertise and adaptability. This dynamic team is committed to shaping safer and efficient road systems worldwide, making TTS Group an authoritative voice in road safety reviews.

Paving the Way Forward

Road safety reviews are vital for creating safer roads and fostering a culture of safety for all road users. By employing a methodical approach and conducting thorough data analyses, these reviews offer valuable insights and guidance for implementing targeted interventions. These interventions, backed by the expertise of traffic engineering and road safety professionals, have the potential to transform infrastructure and significantly reduce accidents.


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