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TTS Group Celebrates the Opening of Sentosa Gateway Tunnel

TTS Group is proud to have worked together with our Client, Tyco Fire, Security and Services (Tyco), to provide traffic consultancy for the new Sentosa Gateway Tunnel (SGT), a project aiming at easing congestion for people who travels to, live and have businesses on Sentosa Islands, Singapore. SGT is set to open on 27 April 2017.

[source: Singapore Budget website]

Sentosa Gateway Tunnel (SGT) is a 1.4 km-long one-way tunnel linking outbound traffic from Sentosa to Lower Delta Road and Keppel Road. It is built just 1.6m above the North East Line tunnel and a metre away from the foundations of the West Coast Highway viaduct. Because of its location, the tunnel is only accessible to cars and motorcycles with the height limit of 3.5m.

TTS Group’s team, which include study team from Singapore Office with Kelvin Foo as the Project Director and Tan You Jin as the Project Manager, is honoured to be involved in the Sentosa Gateway Tunnel project together with our Client Tyco Fire, Security & Services. The TTS Group team is entrusted as Traffic Consultants to provide a full set of services comprised of:

Proposal of the Traffic Control and Monitoring Performance Criteria and Standards

Formulation of algorithms and computation of traffic data for interpretation of real time and past traffic conditions to study traffic trends

  • Proposal of suitable message and symbols, their placements, as well as their optimal height in Variable Message Signs (VMS) and Lane Use Signs (LUS) for all possible scenarios

  • Determine the placement for the Entrance Ramp Barrier System (ERBS)

  • Development of strategies and response plans for incident management in SGT and roads within its area of influence inclusive of traffic control

  • Review the ERBS, Traffic Signals (TS), LUS, Light Box Sign (LBS) and VMS layout in proposed drawings to ensure its operability, suitability and safety for operation in SGT.

  • Conduct Operational Task Analysis (OTA) for the operation and management of SGT tunnel

Warning signs and height restriction beams will be present to stop buses and larger vehicles from entering — these vehicles can continue using the roads towards Telok Blangah Road. The tunnel is expected to alleviate the current congestion at the busy at-grade traffic junctions at Sentosa Gateway, Telok Blangah Road, Kampong Bahru Road and Lower Delta Road, especially during evening peak hours and the weekends. Therefore, according to Land Transport Authority (LTA), it could halve the travel time for motorists, and those using the existing surface roads could also enjoy a quarter off the usual time they take when the tunnel opens.

TTS Group developed a unique Traffic Incident Management Model where it automatically works out the set up of the vaiours VMS and LUS signs involved, for every possible scenario. Thousands of scenarios are taken into consideration in the pre-defined traffic and incident management plans to ensure safety of motorists, facilitation of easy traffic management, ease of maintenance and fast response of incident during the operation of SGT.

“The work on the incident management, with the setup of our Traffic Incident Management Model, is one of the most challenging tasks, and consideration on every possible safety hazard is to be covered” says You Jin, “We are very grateful that the model had completed with the support from every key member of the Client and Project team.”

Sentosa Gateway Tunnel is set to open on Thursday, 27 April 2017. We are looking forward to seeing how this project will provide a new driving option out of Sentosa Islands, thus ease congestion and enhance the transport mobility in the area. Please see the article on Channel News Asia website about the opening of SGT here.

[source: Singapore Budget website]

[source: Singapore Budget website]


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