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TTS Group Delivers Lecture for AMC 2017

Mr. Kelvin Foo, our Director, SE Asia, is proud to be invited as one of the key guest speakers by the Academy of Managers for Construction and Cities (AMC ) to deliver his speech to the city leaders on Transport Planning over at the Posts and Telecommunications Institute of Technology on 16th October 2017.

With more than 15 years of experience in the traffic and transport sector and widely known as the regional expert for various aspects of the transport planning industry, Kelvin is honored to be invited as a guest speaker to share his experience in his traffic planning in Singapore as well as to address the traffic situation faced currently in the cities of Southeast Asia and to come up out with effective solutions to counter the urban transport planning issues and challenges .

The Academy of Managers for Construction and Cities (AMC) has been long recognized for operating on a national scale in the field of training and retaining of personnel; research and consultancy on organizations and management in the construction industry. With its motto to diversify its form of training to meet the needs of learners and local units, AMC have organized over 200 training courses annually for 20 thousand students under a diverse range of training courses.

During the course of the speech, Kelvin touched on several areas with regards to transport planning and he addressed numerous key factors such as the strategy that should be undertaken by the city to improve their urban traffic control so as to reduce the traffic congestion faced in the urban area as well as to improve the traveling experience within the Southeast Asian cities. Moreover, Kelvin highlighted that the best practices in Urban Traffic Control definitely revolve around three key elements -Environment, Social and Economy which he further explained them in details.

Besides that, Kelvin addressed on the current traffic situation faced by the cities of Southeast Asia whereby there are a poor and inadequate delivery of public transport services, unsafe intersections and poor traffic control and information system as well as the inadequate systematic traffic planning at the moment. Besides that, he also pointed out various Urban Transport Planning Issues and Challenges in Southeast Asia Cities, which can be summarized below:

  • Uncontrolled motorization

  • Urban air pollution

  • Road safety issues

  • Mobility of the Urban and Sub Urban areas

  • Mobility needs facing by disabled and senior citizens

Kelvin highlighted several traffic controls measures which can be implemented to counter such transport issues such as to supply transportation facilities, enhancing the traffic demand management process and to develop alternative urban structures. Subsequently, Kelvin illustrated on how typical traffic control measures can be executed to facilitate the traffic situation in Singapore through the use of the case study of Singapore and he explained on how the association environment, social and economic aspects to reduce the transport issues. The key factors discussed during his speech are:

  • Public Transport Priority

  • Congestion Pricing

  • Vehicle Ownership Management Policy

  • The use of effective planning tools

In a closing remark, the session ended successfully and have received positive feedback from both the organization and the attendees and TTS Group will definitely look forward to collaborating in similar events with AMC in the future.


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