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TTS Group Shares Entrepreneurship knowledge with Yumin 2016

TTS Group is honoured to be invited to “Meet the Entrepreneur” sharing session as a part of Student Entrepreneur Programme, to present to a group of 40 students from Yumin Primary School on 14th October 2016.

The Student Entrepreneur Programme (SEP) was founded by the Spirit of Enterprise (SOE) with the purpose to impart the basic understanding of starting and running of an enterprise, financial skills as well as hand-on experience to students aged 10 to 15 through highly engaging and fun activities. SOE believes that if these values are nurtured at an early age in the right approach, then they would be useful and benefit them in their later stage in life. The “Meet the Entrepreneur” session is an opportunity for students to meet the SOE honourees and learn from them.

As an SOE honouree in 2015, the TTS Group team which was made up of Kelvin Foo (Director, SE Asia), Tan You Jin (Manager, Singapore), Malcolm Soh (Transport Executive) and Phuong Do (Accounts Executive) was invited to Yumin Primary School to share our knowledge and experience in running a successful enterprise. The presentation covered various aspects of entrepreneurship through the story of TTS Group, including:

Marketing: Public Relations, Unique Selling Proposition and Differentiation Strategy of TTS Group;

Human Resource: the priority put on staff and company culture;

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): charity activities and funding programs TTS Group has engaged in;

In the end of the sharing session, Kelvin shared his thoughts and advices about running a business with students, aiming to promote entrepreneurship spirit amongst the younger generation. TTS Group team and students from Yumin Primary School had great time with each other, and we are looking forward to the future visualized and realized by these young people.


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