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26th ITS World Congress

Malcolm Soh represented TTS Group participating in the recent 26th ITS World Congress in Singapore.

Most of the vehicles on display are Automonous Vehicles, which shows the trend of what our future bus network would look like.

The use of technology to improve travel conditions and to forecast traffic scenarios is getting indeed complex and aim to bring the concept of seamless travel to a brand new height.

TTS Group also had the opportunity to collaborate with our decade long software partner Aimsun, a Siemens company, who displayed a brilliant booth to educate the public and professionals alike on the use of Aimsun software to advise on alternative routes in the event of incidents.

We are so glad to be part of viewing the future first hand, and have already started to build in some of the displayed ITS features into our proposed recommendations to our Clients.

See you all in the future!

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