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A Refreshing New Logo

We are excited to introduce our new company logo that brings a refreshing image to TTS Group – an image that is consistent with our ongoing growth and the increasing range of services we provide.

With this logo comes a new slogan “Total Traffic Solutions” which not only emphasises the ‘Total’ range of professional services we provide, but also sets a clear message that we are a ‘Solutions’ orientated firm that places our clients at the forefront of everything we do.

Our new logo, including its graphics and colour scheme, symbolises quality through its rich gold texture and completeness with an orbital image that also represents the extensive range of services we provide and the international extent to which we service. As a whole our new logo shows the unity in which our firm operates professionally as one unified group providing total service with a key focus on solutions.

With this subtle new branding, image and reinforcing statement of our successful business model, TTS Group is rapidly moving forward with ambitious expansion plans aimed at improving our business, the services we provide and the endless geographic boundaries we aim to service.

Business as usual at TTS Group with a refreshing new logo!

Total Traffic Solutions


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