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Introducing Aimsun in Vietnam

TTS Group is pleased to announce its appointment as the official distributor of Aimsun traffic simulation software in Vietnam.

This step is an extension of our well-established Aimsun distribution arrangements in Singapore, where we have been providing an integrated range of Aimsun services including software sales and maintenance, technical support, software training and consulting services.

Mr Marc Mrsic, Managing Director of TTS Group, said “There is a growing interest for advanced traffic simulation and modeling throughout Vietnam which is a rapidly developing country starting to embark on some bold transport infrastructure initiatives country-wide. We’re engaged in a niche market with our traffic modeling services which is now augmented by Aimsun and our long standing relationship with [TSS] the software developers.”

“I am really excited about the opportunities we can now bring to Vietnam as leaders of this profession, not only at a project level, but also within the industry and academic scenes by knowledge sharing and capacity building.” said Mr Mrsic.

In Vietnam, traffic simulation is now advancing beyond being the ‘new kid on the block’, where it’s starting to gain strong technical support and reverence in the transport planning industry for testing and selecting alternative design schemes before detailed design and construction. It is also proving to be a very reliable demand forecasting tool for infrastructure investors and network operators.

Whilst traffic simulation and modeling techniques in Vietnam are still in the developing phase, the growth of using simulation software for traffic engineering and strategic forecasts is second to none, and the use of Aimsun is quickly showing its importance to the development of transport systems, especially in planning and feasibility study stages.

Aimsun is considered to be a very appropriate option for this market due to its advantages of seamlessly modelling a fully integrated range of transportation conditions in various scales from Macroscopic and Mesoscopic to Microscopic levels.

Mr Vinh Pham, Consulting Manager of TTS Group in Vietnam said “I have worked with many modelling packages over the years, but I found that Aimsun can provide very detailed capabilities of modelling complex traffic networks and replicate a range of traffic conditions and driver behavior characteristics, which is fundamental to building any sort of reliable traffic model in this country”.

For more information on Aimsun in Vietnam please contact our Hanoi office via:


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