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TTS Group Expands Into Vietnam

TTS Group is pleased to announce the opening of our new office in Hanoi, Vietnam.

The expansion of our group into Vietnam was established to further support the ongoing project work we are doing in the region. Of strategic importance is our recent engagement where we are advising the Hanoi Urban Transport Development Project Management Unit on various urban transport policies and public transport systems.

Vietnam is located in the Southeast Asia region neighbouring China, Laos and Cambodia. The country has an area of just over 331 square kilometres and a population of about 93 million. International funding, flexible policy and bold development objectives have helped contribute to vast improvements of Vietnam’s transport infrastructure in recent years. These ongoing initiatives are driven locally by the Vietnamese which is contributing remarkably to the ongoing growth and development of the country.

“We see Vietnam as a strong emerging market in need of key specialist skills and services offered by our group” says Marc Mrsic, Managing Director of TTS Group. “It gives me great satisfaction to witness the many positive contributions and capacity building efforts our firm is making towards the ongoing development of Vietnam. These efforts are opening up many unique prospects and exciting professional opportunities for our staff” said Marc.

Rising demand for transport planning expertise has prompted Vietnam to focus on exploring more intricate planning and engineering methods relying heavily on advanced technologies and specialist expertise.

“The growth of Vietnam’s transport planning market over recent years has been astonishing. We believe this growth will continue to drive the need for more transport planning and engineering expertise and knowledge. We are excited to be part of this growth, and Hanoi is proving to be a successful starting point at pitching our core strengths against what the country needs most.” said Kelvin Foo, Director, SE Asia. Kelvin is currently spearheading the office in Hanoi, and is often pointed out by the locals as “người nước ngoài” (meaning foreigner) due to his limited proficiency in Vietnamese.

“With our integrated services and experience covering planning, engineering, data collection and equipment accumulated in our established markets such as Singapore, Brisbane and Gold Coast, TTS Group is ready to support Hanoi’s transport infrastructure development to even greater heights.” added Kelvin.

Our Hanoi Office contact details are as follows:

21st Floor Capital Tower

109 Tran Hung Dao St

Hoan Kiem Dist

Hanoi, Vietnam

Tel: +84 (0) 97870 1117



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