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TTS Group Featured In The News Again

Mr. Kelvin Foo, our Director of TTS Group of Companies, was invited by Singapore’s national newspaper-The Straits Times (ST) for an interview to give his professional opinions on the topic entitled “The rights and wrongs of discretionary right turns”. The interview details were later on published on the ST Thursday 3.5.2018. Click here to view and read the full article.

As highlighted in the article, there are numerous fatal accidents recently that has been happening in Singapore which leads to debates going online pertaining to the discretionary right turn system where it can be seen to have been criticised of late and blamed for the two major accident crashes in Clementi and Bukit Timah area.

Different experts have a different perspective towards this issue. TTS Group gave a balanced view of the pros and cons faced for removing the discretionary right turns, which has been criticised of late and blamed for the two crashes in Clementi and Bukit Timah. Our thoughts are with the family members of the victims of the tragic accidents.

Mr. Kelvin Foo mentioned that the impact of LTA implementing red-amber-green turning arrows at junctions will be most obvious during off-peak hours, as motorists will have to wait even if the coast is clear. Conversely, during rush hours, vehicles will have to stop at the red arrow sign and “not take any chance at all” to do the turn.

On the other hand, Mr. Kelvin Foo also asserted that “When the discretionary right turn is removed, education and law need to look again at the already very strict law for red-light beating” as both the education and law play an enormous role with regards to this issue.

Hence, the dilemma faced by the discretionary right turn and the implementation of the red-amber-green arrows at more traffic junctions in Singapore definitely requires many considerations from various key factors and not forgetting to place emphasis on delivering the key message of exercising caution and driving defensively.

TTS Group is a strong advocate on Road Safety and we hope to inspire the public on the importance of road safety as the utmost priority when using public roads, be it being the pedestrians or drivers on road.

We sincerely thank The Straits Time and Mr. Adrian Lim for this opportunity to express our professional viewpoints on these aspects and we certainly wish to have the similar opportunity in the near future.

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